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NSU Optometry: Beyond 2020

Northeastern State University is very fortunate to offer many in-demand academic programs where graduates help meet Oklahoma’s professional workforce needs. The ultimate success of these programs is vested in the quality of the faculty who are committed to providing relevant and rigorous courses that meet the requirements of the applicable specialty accrediting body. At NSU, we have one professional doctorate degree, and it has a true statewide mission and an outstanding national reputation. The Oklahoma College of Optometry (OCO) has been meeting the state’s optometric needs since 1979. Graduates earn a Doctor of Optometry degree after four years of professional graduate study and countless

Sean Akadiri, Entrepreneur

As founder, president and CEO of data analytics company Agric-Bioinformatics, Sean Akadiri is helping cattle ranchers across the country better manage their herd, improve efficiency and increase profitability. Through AgBoost, the database and analytics system he developed at his company, ranchers can now be equipped with the genetic profile of each animal and “crystal ball” for breeding stronger characteristics and increasing the value of their herd. Akadiri’s big idea started halfway across the world in Nigeria where he was born and raised. He completed high school in Nigeria, and at age 19 and with only $200 and no knowledge of agriculture or ranching, he left home to pursue his dream of

Baleigh Petree, Registered Nurse

Nothing can prepare you for what it feels like to tend to a patient for the first time, especially in labor and delivery. But Baleigh Petree says Northwestern Oklahoma State University gave her all the tools and training to skillfully care for patients from the very first day she set foot in a hospital. Baleigh knew early on that she would practice women’s and pediatric healthcare. One day, as a little girl she proudly announced to her kindergarten teacher that she would be a pediatric nurse. Helping women and babies is exactly what she grew up to do. Today she has a bachelor’s in nursing from Northwestern Oklahoma State University and works as a labor and delivery nurse at St. Mary’s Region

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