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Kindsey Ely Peper, CEO/Financial Advisor

Kindsey Ely Peper’s dedication to Alva and her community is the driving force behind her financial planning business located in and serving rural Oklahoma. It's the same dedication that inspired her to attend Northwestern Oklahoma State University to earn her bachelor’s degree.

Kindsey grew up in rural Oklahoma, moving to Alva when she was a teenager. Her parents raised her to value hard work and to believe that you get out of life what you put into it.

Seeing the value in attending a smaller university with smaller classroom sizes, she chose to attend Northwestern, despite numerous offers and scholarships elsewhere. She had heard that professors at NWOSU go above and beyond to ensure their students are successful and this appealed to her.

“Attending Northwestern was a pivotal point for my career and overall success in life,” says Kindsey. “Ultimately it was the people at Northwestern who helped drive my decision to attend and who helped me complete my degree in just three years.”

Today, Kindsey is the founder and owner of ENJ Financial, a wealth and tax consulting firm. The firm’s first office opened in Alva in 2016, and since then has flourished. ENJ has opened additional locations in Adair, Stillwater and Woodward and serves clients here in Oklahoma and nationwide. ENJ continues to grow and is planning to open a fifth location in Oklahoma City in the coming year.

“I built my company based on the needs of rural communities and I think I found that love and passion to fulfill a need in rural communities,” says Kindsey.

There is often a shortage of professional services in rural areas because they are farther from resources. In Alva and surrounding communities, Kindsey did not see high level tax planning, wealth management, or consulting/advertisement that bigger firms offer in metropolitan areas. She realized the need, and thanks to NWOSU she understood the dynamics of how to best serve her audience.

“I'm very passionate about Northwestern because I received a lot of one-on-one first-hand knowledge from professors as well as great connections with businesses in the community. The university has established local scholarships, internships and financial opportunities for students. It was those opportunities that got me where I am today.”

Kindsey wanted to teach people how to get a better handle on their finances, create a life plan, and how imperative it is to understand your taxes.

“We're a wealth management firm and holistic planning firm that helps people with every single aspect of their financial needs.”

Kindsey primarily works out of her office in Adair, where she and her family reside on a ranch. Her husband, Jerod Peper, is primarily a cattleman who helps run Peper Ranch. Their two girls. Ali and Kodi, play basketball and softball and attend school in Adair.

Left, Kindsey with her daughters Ali and Kodi Schwerdtfeger and husband, Jerrod Peper. Center, Kindsey with her study abroad class in Costa Rica where she took classes toward her bachelor's degree. Right, Kindsey was voted Freshman Queen as part of Ranger Royalty during Homecoming at Northwestern.


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