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Ryan Brown, M.D. Oklahoma Pediatrician

For Ryan Brown, Southeastern is a family tradition that started with him. The Hartshorne native began school at Southeastern with his identical twin brother after a year at a local junior college. Since then, the Brown family roster at Southeastern has grown to eight members, all thanks to Brown.

Brown values community and family above all, which played a big role in his decision to attend Southeastern. “I didn’t want to move far from my family, and having my brother with me was a must.”

While at Southeastern Brown's extended "family" grew quickly as he began seeing several familiar faces around campus. “Walking across campus I would see so many people I recognized from growing up,” Brown recalled. “Some of these guys I played against on the football field in high school, and all of the sudden I’d see them around campus and in my classes. I got the chance to become close friends with them.”

Brown noticed his classmates shared something else in common. “People who go to Southeastern all come from a good background, are hardworking, have ideas and goals and ambitions. Those are qualities I share. These are the kind of people I grew up with and cherish," Brown said.

After graduation Brown earned a reputable spot in OU’s College of Medicine.

“I’ve have a lot of connections around the country," Brown said, "and I would put up my education against anyone who went to Harvard, Stanford or other big name school. The background Southeastern gave me is rivaled by no one."

Although OU’s College of Medicine has a distinguished reputation, Brown ultimately decided on the school for the same reason he chose Southeastern,--proximity to family. He is a pediatrician at the OU Health Sciences Center.

Although Brown’s time at Southeastern is over, his school pride continues now as he cheers on his nephew on the Southeastern baseball team.


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