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Natalie Sacket-Evans, OKC Beautiful

Family Tradition leads to NWOSU

Natalie Sacket-Evans, a Northwestern Oklahoma State University graduate, found her home at NWOSU through family connections with the university. Growing up in a small town, Aline, Oklahoma, Sacket-Evans had a down-to-earth upbringing working in a farming community and learning the value of hard work. Her parents, both attendees of NWOSU, love their alma mater and continue to work closely with them today. Their high regard of the university led Sacket-Evans down the same path.

“I’m a second generation Northwestern attendee and my siblings attended the university as well. It was the culture of the university and my family connection that attracted me to attend,” Sacket-Evans said.

Along with her family’s strong ties to NWOSU, Sacket-Evans chose the university because she received a regional baccalaureate scholarship.

“One of the main reasons why I chose NWOSU was the financial ease and affordability it offered. I didn’t want to take out student loans for my undergrad, and I’m fortunate enough that I didn’t have to,” she said.

While attending NWOSU, Sacket-Evans worked three jobs and was heavily involved on campus. She credits the university for encouraging her to try activities outside her comfort zone.

“I was so involved I don’t think I slept at all in the three years I was there,” Sacket-Evans joked. I participated with theatre, student government, the English Department and school newspaper. I also worked in the recruiting office where I loved talking to potential students about the campus. These opportunities enhanced my university experience and my campus jobs helped me grow as an early professional.”

Sacket-Evans graduated with an English degree from NWOSU, but she discovered another passion thanks to a political science professor.

“I can trace back to the exact moment when I realized my passion for community development and urban sustainability. Dr. Kay Decker introduced me to a program for women in public service. It opened my eyes to the love I have for helping the community and serving others,” Sacket-Evans said.

Now, Sacket-Evans works at OKC Beautiful as the Program and Marketing Director. This nonprofit organization focuses on community beautification and educating others on the significance of protecting the environment.

“I hope that we can create a generation of people who understand the importance of caring about our environment and reducing the amount we take from it and give back to the planet instead. I think we’re improving, and I’m confident in the ability for positive change through collective action,” Sacket-Evans said.

Natalie Sacket-Evans volunteering with OKC Beautiful.

Outside of work, Sacket-Evans strives to bring arts and culture into the community. She volunteers with the Plaza District and Scissortail Park, and she is a board member of the Fine Arts Institute of Edmond. She also is an avid reader and enjoys exploring Oklahoma City’s beautiful parks and trails.

Sacket-Evans is an example of RUSO graduates making a difference in their community. With the help of NWOSU, she was able to pursue many interests to find her true passion and become an environmental advocate.

“Regional universities have such a focus on investing in their students. I felt a part of the community, and I wasn't one tiny fish in a big sea. The professors empowered me to get involved, so if you're like me and have a lot of interests, it's easy to find a place to belong,” Sacket-Evans said.


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