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Lori Boyd, COO, The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital

Lori Boyd is not someone who could be described as content standing on the sidelines. Her work ethic and team-player approach have created opportunities for her to work in several roles ranging from accounts payable clerk to chief operating officer.

Boyd began her tenure at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital as accounts payable clerk. Since that time, she has held many roles, one overseeing three large construction projects. She was named president of operations in 2014 and chief operating officer in 2016. Throughout her tenure, she shadowed other departments of the hospital to increase her understanding of the hospital system.

“Shadowing various positions helped me to better understand the impact we have on the kids and see firsthand how we can best serve their needs,” Boyd explained.

Boyd started her college path with a scholarship to be an athletic trainer. Standing on the sidelines of a football game made her quickly realize that she wanted to take a more active role in helping people. She decided to pursue a degree in healthcare administration at Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford.

“You have to find the school that fits you,” Boyd said. She chose SWOSU because of the family atmosphere, the personal relationships with her professors and their connections in the professional world. I constantly find myself connected to other people through my alma mater.”

Boyd earned a Master of Health Administration degree from the University of Oklahoma. She is a member of the SWOSU Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame.

Boyd’s desire to help people allowed her to combine her passion for healthcare and children. It also compels her to mentor students using the team player approach.

“I encourage them to take opportunities, get their foot in the door and demonstrate to others that they can make an impact,” Boyd said. “Even in the earliest roles out of college, the connections we make are important – people remember their colleagues who go above and beyond and help them continue to learn and do their best. Those are all qualities that SWOSU encouraged in me.”


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