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Justin Tinder, OKC Convention Center

Grad finds passion for sports writing at NWOSU

At Northwestern Oklahoma State University Justin Tinder discovered that he could combine his passion for writing and sports into a career in a way that he never expected. NWOSU’s personalized campus experience, dedicated professors and accessibility made it possible.

Tinder chose to go to Northwestern and pursue a bachelor’s degree in mass communication thanks to the university’s affordability. “NWOSU became my college of choice after learning about their quality scholarship program.”

He experienced a smooth transition to the university from his high school in rural Oklahoma, and he found that the campus was filled with students eager to make connections.

“I felt right at home at Northwestern from my very first week,” Tinder said. “I graduated high school with only 34 classmates, but many of the other students came from small towns as well. I found a great community there.”

NWOSU provided Tinder with hands-on interactive experience in the communication field while he was on campus. As a communication major, Tinder worked in sports information under Terry Winn and later Steve Valencia. He credits both professors for his interactive college experience that laid the groundwork for his future career.

Tinder worked sporting events, keeping stats. “Northwestern was small enough where you could interact with the players and coaches. You could get involved in ways that wouldn’t be possible at a larger school,” Tinder said.

He credits his alma mater with having a huge impact on his current success. “Northwestern is unique. I always feel a connection when I meet other professionals from the university and other RUSO schools.”

After graduating, Tinder spent nearly 3 decades working in sports information at NCAA conferences, high school associations, and a professional baseball team. Now, he is the marketing manager for the Oklahoma City Convention Center. “There is so much growth happening around Oklahoma City, and I love working here and sharing information within the industry to help OKC become a destination of choice for business travelers across the United States, ” Tinder said.

“Students from Northwestern have an advantage when they graduate because they have gotten the chance to work on the ground level, which gives them the opportunity to do as much as they can from whichever major they choose.”


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