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H K Hatcher, Bank President

As CEO and President of NBC Oklahoma, HK Hatcher helps give back to residents and small businesses in Oklahoma City, Kingfisher, Enid and Altus with the community bank model. As a seasoned banking executive, Hatcher is no stranger to success. He sees it every day as he helps his customers in planning for their future, works with businesses on complex financing and supports his community by helping them grow and improve.

Hatcher grew up in Gainesville, Texas, so he never expected to go to college in Oklahoma. But when Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant offered him a scholarship to play golf, he jumped at the opportunity for a change in scenery and a new adventure.The connections he made at Southeastern helped him jumpstart his career and mold him into the successful businessman he is today.

“I loved playing golf, but at the early age of 18, I had no clue what I wanted to do in life,” Hatcher said. “I thought golf and Southeastern were my tickets to success. While playing golf was an incredible experience, it was just a stepping stone to get me to Southeastern. There, the education I gained and the professors that impacted me were so much more than I could have expected.”

When he wasn’t in class, he was out on the golf course. In fact, Hatcher started out wanting to major in something related to golf course management. However, after taking a few business classes, he switched his major to business management, which he thought would be a better fit for his personality and long term goals.

“I knew I wanted a career where I could create lasting relationships, grow with a company and always keep learning. I’ve been fortunate enough to find that, and it all started at Southeastern.”

Hatcher was thrilled to learn that playing golf would actually be very valuable to his career, and it’s a skill and hobby he continues to perfect today.

“Playing golf in college taught me very useful time management skills, how to increase my focus and the importance of building relationships by spending time and getting to know people personally,” Hatcher said. “I made many connections on the course that helped me start my career and gain entry to the business world.”

Today, Hatcher is successfully leading and growing NBC Oklahoma, where he has been for 30 years. NBC Oklahoma serves seven locations across the state and supports Oklahomans with several “give back” initiatives.

“My favorite thing about NBC Oklahoma is the satisfaction we get from helping people,” Hatcher notes. “It’s rewarding to help someone buy their first home, build their businesses and grab new opportunities. Those interpersonal skills are something I'm thankful for learning at Southeastern, and they have had a lasting impact on my work, my life and the people I care about.”


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