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Clay Reed, MD

Clay Reed is the product of a regional university and proud of it. So proud that when he interviewed for medical residency positions at Johns Hopkins, Duke, the Mayo Clinic, and other prestigious programs, he always mentioned his alma mater.

“Northwestern was always discussed because it had such a positive impact on my life,” Reed explained, “and I thought it deserved recognition.”

Reed was selected for his first-choice residency, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and is completing his internal medicine training. From there, he plans to further his training in medical oncology.

“I absolutely believe I am better at patient care because of my NWOSU experience,” Reed said. “Instead of having classes of several hundred students, you have classes with a core group of learners. Students in this setting excel together through teamwork instead of trying to achieve these goals alone.”

Reed’s goal of becoming a doctor was apparent, even as a young boy in Cherokee, Oklahoma. His love for science and desire to improve people’s lives made medicine a natural fit. His goal to help improve the lives of those battling cancer comes from that

same passion.

I absolutely believe I am better at patient care because of my NWOSU experience

“I truly believe that major advances against cancer can be accomplished when approached from new perspectives and novel treatment modalities that have yet to be considered,” Reed said. The support of his family and his excellent education prepared him for this path. He plans to complete his fellowship in oncology in 2023.

Reed first attended NWOSU in high school for concurrent enrollment and earned degrees in both biology and chemistry from the university, making him a third-generation alum. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine at the top of his class.

“I was often asked where I went to undergraduate because it must have had an impressive science department,” Reed said. “I agreed with them and told them how NWOSU offered a professor to student ratio, personalized academic program and science curriculum that encouraged me to excel and that provided me with a solid foundation of knowledge.”


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