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OSRHE Task Force Report

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education recently concluded their task force review to consider ways to improve degree completion and increase productivity within higher education. A RUSO representative served on every subcommittee and reported their committee's work at the January RUSO regents' meeting at NSU.

Academic Program Innovations and Online Education Subcommittee

President Don Betz, University of Central Oklahoma

Reviewed best practices in academic program delivery and online education and developed recommendations for the State Regents to consider related to encouraging innovative academic program delivery models, including increased collaboration among state system colleges and universities and scaling online education in Oklahoma.

College Degree Completion and Workforce Development Initiative Subcommittee

Regent Jeff Dunn

Reviewed current college degree completion initiatives and developed recommendations for the State Regents to consider related to increasing college degree completion rates and aligning academic programs to meet current and future workforce needs.

Fiscal Solutions, Efficiencies, Affordability, and Technology Subcommittee

President Sean Burrage, Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Reviewed current resource allocation within the state system, revenue trends and projections, alternative sources of revenue and capacity for improving operational efficiencies through institutional collaboration and technology.

System Structure Subcommittee

Regent Lake Carpenter and President Randy Beutler, Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Conducted a systematic and thorough review of the overall structure of the Oklahoma state system of higher education, which included but was not limited to governance models, institutional missions and geographic service regions.

Learn more about the task force directives and committee members.

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