• Accessible education across Oklahoma

    We reach communities statewide and allow many to get a degree close to home.

    • More than 45,000 students enrolled at RUSO universities

    • Campuses and satellite locations around the state

    • Online degree programs in addition to in-person classes and hands-on learning 

    • 57% of students come from rural communities

  • Increased lifetime earnings

    A college education impacts generational success as well as immediate earnings.

    • 49% of RUSO students come from a family with an income of less than $40k

    • People with college degrees will earn $1.1 million more over their lifetime

    • Smaller communities benefit especially from RUSO graduates' higher average income


    We fuel Oklahoma's largest industries

    RUSO institutions offer positive economic ROI across the state of Oklahoma.

    • RUSO's annual economic impact on Oklahoma’s economy is more tha$1.3 billion 

    • The return on investment for RUSO is $9.55 for every $1.00 of state funding

    • Nearly 40% of all undergraduate degrees in Oklahoma come from RUSO institutions.

    • 92% of RUSO graduates are employed in Oklahoma one year after graduation


    Affordable and excellent education

    Our four-year institutions offer degrees ranging from education, pharmacy, forensic science, optometry and aviation.

    • In 2019/2020, the avg. annual cost of attendance for RUSO commuters was $9,101. For campus residents the average cost was $15,047 - significantly lower than the national average.

    • Nearly half of RUSO students graduate without college debt. For those who do incur debt, the average is $18,473, which is $11,400 less than national average.

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