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As the largest four-year university system in the state, the Regional University System of Oklahoma governs six of the state’s universities. 
These institutions enroll nearly 40,000 students each year.  


Our mission is to provide higher education programs for Oklahoma universities and services to eligible students in the university service areas and prepare students to succeed in a global society.


92% of our graduates stay in 
Oklahoma. That means thousands of well-educated citizens are ready to lead the state into the future.


44% of all Oklahoma graduates come from RUSO institutions.

And our institutions exceed the national average in affordability.


Oklahoma taxpayers will earn $9.91 through every $1 they invest in a RUSO student.

RUSO institutions are responsible stewards of our appropriated funds. 

RUSO's 9,732 graduates in 2010-11 earned $9.36 billion more income over their lifetimes because they obtained a college degree.


RUSO was created on July 6, 1948. All RUSO universities are more than 100 years old.